Free Mindfulness and Resilience Lessons

Below are free lessons about how to use Mindfulness and Resilience to deal with stress, burnout and compassion fatigue. These are a few of the actual lessons that are in our paid workshops. Why are we giving them away free? We're paying it forward.

When I was burned out, I didn't know I needed help or what kind of help was available. Since practicing mindfulness and resilience, I've earned to love my life and love myself. We are sharing these teachings because we have personally experienced the power of these exercises to dramatically change your life.

A student came to me after one of our workshop exercises and said, "This is the first time I've smiled in 20 years.” This is why we do what we do. If these free videos help you, drop us a note and let us know.


The below lessons build upon one another. They are in order below. Start with lesson #1 before taking lesson #2 and so on.

Do the homework! Most of these videos have homework. We suggest to do the homework for each video for a couple of days before proceeding to the next video.

You will see better results if you take the time to do the homework and practice the exercices. These lessons are NOT about memorizing and learning. By practicing the lessons, you will change your life. Practice the lessons by doing the homework for a couple of days before moving onto the next video.

Lesson #1: Letting Go

A foundation principle is something that guides your life. A very important principle for people in service is letting go. Whether you are a doctor, an EMT, a nurse, a first responder, a social worker, a firefighter, a member of a police force, or any other occupation that places in you in service, letting go is a vital tool.

When you don’t let go of trauma, mind chatter, judgments, or expectations, you are weighed down and unable to move forward with ease and efficiency. You will be of far better service when you let go of what keeps you anchored to the past.

The first step to letting go is becoming mindful of what may be weighing you down. Your resilience comes when you learn how to let go of those anchors. Then, you can truly be of service to yourself and others.

Lesson #2: WhatYou Have Picked Up

When we pick up something heavy, it’s usually due to a trauma. It could be as simple as not meeting our own expectations and feeling regret. We pick up that regret and carry it. Eventually, more and more painful experiences get added, and now we’re trying to be of service while lugging this heavy burden along with us.

Often, when we go through a trauma, we try to bury it through alcohol, drugs, overworking, or other means. This behavior impacts ourselves and also our work, co-workers, friends, and family members. So, how can we identify these heavy weights we are carrying around? Pay attention to our reactions when someone pushes our buttons or triggers us. That’s a clear sign that we’re holding onto something that we need to recognize and let go of.

We can’t let go of everything at once. But by examining each thing and choosing to acknowledge and release it, we will decrease our burden and increase our ability to serve. When we learn to become mindful of one thing at a time, we lesson our burdens and gain resilience. In this way, we release the obstacles that prevent us from freely being of service, and of being the best we can be at work and at home.

Lesson #3: Learning How to Put Things Down

Once we understand that we have picked up things in our lives that weigh us down, we can begin to learn how to put those things down... to let them go.

It doesn't happen all at once. The first time you go to the gym, you start slowly with lighter weights and build yourself up. It's the same thing when we learn to let go of the negative experiences that culminate in stress, trauma, and compassion fatigue. Take time to identify things such as: judgments of self and others; expectations of ourselves and others; opinions of ourselves and opinions of others; and the worry that something bad has happened or is going to happen.

We suggest you go through this video and follow the instructions to write down specific examples and how those experiences make you feel. This will start you on your way to putting down all those things you have picked up that are holding you back.

Lesson #4: Mindfulness 101

Be prepared to take notes during the lesson! Mindfulness teaches us to be aware of what we are experiencing and how we react to people and events around us and/or in the past.

We’ve learned that Foundation Principle #1 taught that we need to let go of what holds us back. Foundation Principle #2 shows us that we always have choices in our responses—both in the experiences we remember from the past and in those that occur in the present. We can respond with contraction energy and allow those things that are outside of ourselves to determine how we feel. Or we can choose expansion energy and realize that it’s up to us to choose how we feel.

Recognizing that we always have (at least) two choices makes it easier to let go of old patterns of negativing thinking and embrace a positive outlook.

If these video lessons helped you...

If these lessons helped you, would they also help those you work with? These videos are just the first hour of an 8 hour workshop. If you feel that more in debth lessons would help you and those who work around you, please reach out to discuss the possibility of us holding a workshop for your organization.