Nurses and Burnout

Compasion fatigue and burnout not only hurts nurses, but also their organizations with high turnover costs.


“The average hospital loses $5.2 million to $8.1 million due to RN turnover, and each percent change in RN turnover ... saves a hospital an additional $373,200" read more

Nurse Burnout Research


"More than a third of nurses have burnout symptoms" read more

In 2018, nurses were sent an anonymous survey asking about suicide risk factors

  • 43% were rated as high risk
  • 7% reported "active thoughts or actions of self-harm"

'High rates of burnout in the nursing profession are likely to contribute to a high rate of nurse turnover, which ranges from 13 to 21 percent" read more

"A recent study in the Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation found as many as 48 percent of nurses working in a critical care transplant unit met the criteria for PTSD" read more