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We're dedicated to servcie.

For more than ten years, Alfred learned directly from Hans King and cared for him until his passing in January 2019.

Alfred is dedicated to continuing Hans's legacy by helping people see how spiritual principles can transform their lives. His mission is to share with others what he has learned and successfully applied to his own life.

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We're dedicated to serving those in servcie.

In a recent interview, Alfred described how spiritual principles need to be practical. They must have a purpose. Yes, a spiritual understanding makes you peaceful and happy, but how does it change how you approach life, relationships, and work?

Applying spirtual principles to your life.

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We serve those in service: Doctors, Nurses, EMTs, Police, Firefighters, Social Workers, Victim Services, and Teachers


Success almost killed Alfred. But by being mindful of stress, one can become resilient.

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